This page is more an advanced discussion about Palm OS constraints.

Palm OS does not allow to natively allocate (easily) memory chunks larger than 64kb, this is a critical problem for large 3D scene as we use memory chunks to store meshes and other 3D data needed to render the 3D scene.

Meshes are defined using a structure that may impact on the number of polygons that can be used to describe a scene.

This number is about 1500 and can't be extended using the HB++ StreamMemory classes, this is not an HB++ problem, but once again a Palm OS limitation.

It is possible to largely increase this number by using an offscreen bitmap, programming with HB++, as described in the Z buffering section. This is not an "official" way to declare large memory chunks but it works.

I've only made one application that uses my 3D rendering engine. Some years after developing this code, I think you should consider this work more like an experimental project.