Eerie remains of abandoned play area where some ‘still hear children’s laughter’

In 2017, the doors of Rainbow Funhouse in Torquay, Devon, were closed to the public for good.

Since then, the years have not been kind to the former children’s soft play centre as eerie photos captured by urban explorers have shown.

The explorers went inside the haunting building and took a good look around, describing what they found as “sad”.

Damage caused by a fire that broke out in 2019 is evident, however, some of the features and play equipment have partially survived, creating a rather creepy scene, becoming twisted by time and the flames that spread through the place.

Formerly the Church of the Holy Trinity, before being converted into a snooker hall in the 80s, some of the stained glass windows have managed to survive the eras, as well as the beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Wendy, one of the urban explorers who went into the building, explained how the experience of going inside was bizarre as the walls held so many family memories for her.

She said: “It was really strange, as soon as I stepped in I could almost hear the noises I used to hear when I went in with my children, the laughing, screaming and the announcer saying people’s food was ready.

“It was a big part of my children’s lives, celebrating birthdays there with friends. That’s what struck me going in there last weekend, just the pure sadness of it.”

She added: “It’s such a shame, that places have ended up like this.

“So many businesses are folding like the Funhouse. We’ve been into hotels that have just been left because people just can’t afford to keep them going.”

As well as the haunting shots Wendy captured while exploring, she says she also still has a number of pictures from happier times at the play centre.

One particular treasured shot shows grandparents celebrating a birthday, surrounded by eight grandchildren in the same ‘fairy room’ she took a photo of all these years later.