Petrol Price in Delhi Crosses Rs 89 mark; Check Fuel Prices in Other Cities Here

The prices of fuel in different cities of the country have further increased today. In New Delhi, the price of petrol has increased to Rs 89.29 per litre from Rs 88.99 whereas diesel price in the cityincreased from Rs 79.35 per litre to Rs 79.70 for one litre. In Mumbai, the price of petrol has now become Rs 95.75 for one litre. There has been an increase of 29 paise in the price of petrol on February 16 in Mumbai. Diesel on the other hand costs Rs 86.72 per litre in Mumbai. The cost of the same fuel was Rs 86.34/litre on Monday, February 15.

The rate of petrol and diesel per litre on Tuesday in Patna has become Rs 91.67 and Rs 84.92 respectively. Although the fuel price has increased in most cities but in Jaipur, the price has decreased by 32 paise and stands at Rs 95.75 per litre. Still, the fuel price in Jaipur is as high as Mumbai on Tuesday.

In Hyderabad, the price of petrol on Tuesday, February 16 is Rs 92.84 per litre whereas diesel in the city costs Rs 86.93.

The price of fuel in West Bengal’s Kolkata has also increased on Tuesday, February 16. A litre of petrol now costs Rs 90.54 in the city after an increase of 29 paise in the price. Diesel can be purchased at Rs 83.29/litre after an increase of 35 paise in its price.

This is the eighth consecutive day when the retail price of fuel has increased. The price changes kick in at 6 am everyday. Based on the international benchmarks and changes in foreign exchange rate, the oil marketing companies like the Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum align the rate of fuel in the domestic market.

It is important to note that the base prices of petrol and diesel today are Rs. 31.82 and 33.46 respectively. The retail price is determined after adding excise duty, freight, VAT and dealer commission.